Steve Delaney

There and back again.

Who, why, what?

Changes. I've been through a few.

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And, ...we're starting on a new path. Again.

The "Freedom 55 year" came and went; still working at what I want to be when I grow up. Still waiting to feel grown up.

I guess in the meantime, its forward ho.

Trudge, trudge, trudge.


Actual plans? Reduce commitments, make some art, turn-over some collectibles, and play with the grandchildren before they're not.

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Westsyde Community Development Society

I have been volunteering with Westsyde's community association group long before there was one. I can't really remember when I actually joined the Society, '97 or '98 I think, but we've grown since then and are now Westsyde's official City recognized community group. It is one of the commitments I need to reduce though.


"To advance the positive development of the Westsyde Community through initiatives, engagement, and co-operative teamwork"

The Westsyde Community Development Society (WCDS) was incorporated as a not-for-profit society under the Society Act in May 2001 by a group of Westsyde neighbourhood residents. Their aim was “to foster, promote, encourage, and improve recreational sports, athletics and education; and to promote and encourage strong and lasting fellowships and good will among its member of the (Westsyde) community,” particularly its youth. The society’s registered Constitution and Bylaws currently reflect these objectives.


I will be stepping down as President (hopefully) in 2018. Prior to that I need to find someone willing to take the group forward.

The Kamloopian

The Kamloopian - started out in 1998 as a news page using Angelfire (two years later started the domain and... 19 years later, it has really become just my personal brand name.


I was famous for a bit. Infamous for bit too. Still get wonderful emails from people.

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At some point I will take up the videos again.

Or, since local newspapers have died I might go back to writing the snews.


Still working on a couple dioramas, Fort Kamloops and a Mad Scientist Workshop. I will get a picture or two up of them.

Meanwhile, remember turtles turtle.


His ambition is to journey to the heart of Middle Earth and never return. After all, Frodo lives... Youds, 1980

"...sort of like Andy Warhol’s Empire meets Bob Ross meets a Games Workshop Studio masterclass." - Make Magazine

If you want to change somethings in your life, you have to change some things in your life.

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